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Eli Asanti
Guerdon Modular

In our business, order accuracy and timeliness are of the utmost importance. Paragon excels in both regards. The whole team at Paragon have been fantastic to work with!

Adam Scott
Sr Preconstruction Manager
Robins & Morton

Our experiences with Paragon for supplying the lighting package on the AC Hotel Spartanburg project were wonderful. Their accurate budgeting and early selection of fixtures allowed us to provide an accurate GMP cost to the Client without allowances and to coordinate rough-ins early in the construction process without the typical rework that you see on so many projects.

Hiren "Chico" Patel
Wealth Hospitality

Paragon’s hospitality focus, nationwide footprint, and high service level makes them an ideal partner for developers and contractors on door, lighting, card lock, and bathroom accessory packages.

Paul Gundberg
General Foreman
Bonus Electric

As a Foreman for Bonus Electric, I loved having Paragon on our project and just a phone call away. Their most critical and helpful support came in tackling the dimming system layout and programming with proactive planning and hands-on troubleshooting. I look forward to the next project with their team.

Paul Keller
Managing Partner
Palmar Construction

Paragon goes above and beyond in supporting our projects. From site surveys to installation guidance, their hotel knowledge translates into acceptable VE alternates and no scope gaps or late project surprises. Paragon is a trusted partner that understands the pressures of a successful General Contractor.

Steven Ayscue
Champion Commercial (Modular)

Paragon goes above and beyond what we expect in a supplier. They have done a wonderful job figuring out some of the key points to help make modular easier than we have found from other suppliers. Champion will absolutely use Paragon again in the future.